Shirt Woot, In Case of ZombiesApparently plants (well, some plants at least) can be arranged usefully to defend against zombies (well, some zombies at least).  They pummel, cut, incinerate, devour, freeze and grind them or so adorably.

For those of us that have spent many hours that we’ll never get back seeding our cartoon lawns with flora instruments of re-death offers us this reminder.

For those that have no idea what we’re talking about this shirt will simply confuse and possibly enrage them past all reason.  So basically this is a win-win situation.

More BEBE 2013Zombie Bowling, from Front Porch Classics, has been a big hit so far!  A classic, painted wooden bowling set with a perfectly executed zombie theme.  The pins are about five inches tall and the ball (painted as a “BOMB!”) is nice and weighty.  Everything is nice strong hardwood so you might not want to play on your good coffee table.

The game is a blast to play (if a little noisy, especially this early in the morning) and comes packed in a nice, solid canister perfect for traveling.

Archie McPhee, Brain Gelatin Mold You may be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few brain-molds available.  After using this one for more than ten years I can promise you: this is the best of the bunch.  Most of the other available options are simply downright flimsy.  They’ll tear, crumble and last maybe one or two times.  This one is solid, heavy plastic and will survive packing, moving and storage in the back of the cupboard.

Although “gelatin” is on the box this is more than strong enough to support whatever else you may want to toss at it.  Dough, chocolate, modeling clay, fudge – whatever.  It works well for ice and, if you’re so minded, sand castles.

It would be nice if they made a right-hemisphere as well – this is only available in a left (or “sinister”) model.  That’s a request, not a complaint however.  I also wish that I could find an “overhead” version that’s as well-constructed – half a brain is all you need most of the time, but sometimes only the whole thing really satisfies.

The Accoutrements Gelatin Brain Mold is available at Archie McPhee and  Highly recommended. If I'm Running, Zombie are Chasing Me!As we were all taught in Zombieland rule number one is all about the running.  The running and the screaming.  Screaming and running and more running.

For those of us that fall into the “poor fat bastard” category offers this to remind others that if you see us moving faster than a waddle you should probably get your shit together.  Fast.

Consider us your fat, lazy canaries and the world your zombie-infested coal mine.