IMDB, Wyrmwood“Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead” on IMDB

Horror – 2014 – 98 Minutes

This film was a selection for BEBE 2016.

Zombie movies can be traditional. Slow shamblers mindlessly hunting terrified survivors clutching improvised weapons and cowering in boarded up homes. Others try to take things up a notch. Fast zombies in hordes of hundreds or thousands flooding through cities and being repelled by military units. Some pull at the heartstrings with infected children or spouses descending inevitably into savage hunger.

Then there’s this one. This one takes a long pull from a warm beer and says, “what the hell?”

The stage is set normally enough: a passing meteor shower has had devastating effects on humanity. It’s turned (nearly) everybody into mindless, ravenous monsters with bad skin, scary eyes and a need to feed. Additionally, because reasons, it has also fouled all flammable liquids. Gasoline, diesel, kerosene and everything else are all useless. None of this is explained: this isn’t that kind of movie.

That would be enough for most, but there’s a whole bag of additional crazy splattered against the wall. Surprisingly, most of it sticks. Sadistic military forces driving around (without gas)? Sure! A mad scientist with a flare for disco? Sure! A random ability to telepathically control zombies? Sure! Most of this isn’t explained, either. Again, not that kind of movie.

The story follows two paths. Our hero, Barry (Jay Gallagher [IMDB]) represents the men with gearing up montages, Motorsports and shooting things with nail guns. There’s beer and swearing and bonding. His segments are more traditional, head-on affairs. His sister, our heroine, Brooke (Bianca Bradey [IMDB]) begins as a cliched damsel, but quickly evolves into a very different kind of badass. Her moments are more subtle, with more of a focus on subterfuge and body horror. The balance between the two, intentional or not, works very well.

In many ways this is a throwback to the good old days of zombie flicks. No social commentary, little pathos and a whole lot of loud, brash badassery. It takes big chances and, probably more through luck than design, succeeds more than it fails. Most importantly, it’s huge fun.

IMDB, Rammbock“Rammbock” on IMDB

Horror/Thriller – 2010 – 63 Minutes

This film was a selection for BEBE 2016.

This was something of a compromise. We know that some great horror comes from abroad,  yet we still have trouble getting the children to suffer through subtitles. How could they possibly pull themselves away from their phones long enough to read a movie? It was also very highly recommended, but subtitled. It was also very short: just over an hour.

Michael has made the bad decision to head into Berlin to return a key to Gabi, the girlfriend that dumped him. He’s convinced that he can win her back, but when he gets there, she’s not home. He lets himself in to find a kid, Harper, working on her plumbing. Before he can decide how to proceed, all hell breaks loose: an infection is sweeping the city. People turn feral and attack each other. Michael and Harper are able to barricade themselves in the apartment as the rest of the building is overrun.

The story revolves around the few survivors of the building.  They communicate quietly across the common courtyard (noise attracts the infected) and try to work out a plan. How do you get to another apartment? How can you trade resources? Who can you trust? Michael, of course, remains focused on finding Gabi; often to the frustration of his allies. Motivations are clear but, more importantly, the characters act realistically. They earn our sympathy.

The filmmakers use the limited budget very well. The action sequences are well done and, thankfully, not over-done. They’ll remind genre fans of those from “28 Days Later”. The movie could, in fact, easily be considered part of that franchise. The story and character development suffers slightly from the short length, but leaving the audience wanting more is always preferable to boring them.

Even the kids enjoyed this, sub-titles and all. It’s a solid, if not wholly original, story with an interesting slant. Fans of more modern “fast zombie” stories should feel right at home.

IMDB, Bigfoot vs Zombies“Bigfoot vs. Zombies” on IMDB

Horror/Comedy – 2016 – 75 Minutes

This film was a selection for BEBE 2016.

We always try to start our Easter marathon with something less, um… let’s say “intellectual”. We’ve just woken up and are still bleary-eyed, the kids are grumpy and we’re cobbling together a breakfast leftovers, dyed-eggs, pop-tarts and chocolate. Something that we don’t have to pay the strictest attention too is generally best.

This definitely fits that bill.

Ed and Andy are delivering cadavers to a “body farm”, where fresh corpses are left in natural, but controlled, conditions to benefit forensic science. The facility itself has a skeleton crew: there’s a single (mad) scientist, a cute peer/assistant/receptionist/something, the dumbass handyman and the slimy security guard. Oh yeah, there’s Bigfoot too. Bigfoot’s in this. He’s short, weird and looks like he’s covered in partially skinned dogs, but he’s Big “B” Bigfoot, dammit!

The (mad) scientist has been soaking the bodies with something designed to make them… something, and now they’re zombies. Really crappy ones. There’s just no effort made. The zombies are people with loose-fitting masks and what appear to be wigs stolen from old women. At one point the script calls for our heroes to bribe the slimy security guard with pornography. They stacked a bunch of copy paper together and – quite literally – printed out the words “Jugs and Thugz” in black and white. Mormon children could make a more convincing prop.

There’s a fine line between “fun no budget” and “sad no budget” and this shambles around it, but lands definitively on the “sad” side of the line. It’s slow and sloppy and Bigfoot is a complete non-starter. There’s no joy here at all.


BEBE Logo_TransToBlackAlas, BEBE 2016, our seventh year, is over!  Five movies (three good ones!) and, as usual, way too much food! Success!

We’ve had more than our share of life lately, so we decided to take it very easy this year. Anything that felt like work, we decided to ignore. It worked out very well. We had a minor setback as the zombie-themed gifts we ordered from Amazon won’t be here until tomorrow. Better late than never, we suppose.

Let’s see how we did according to the rules of Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters:

Watch Some Zombie Movies

Check!  Here’s the tally. We’ll be doing full reviews of all of these in the coming weeks:

  • Bigfoot vs. Zombies: Come for the stupid, laugh at the stupid. This was stupid.
  • Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead: Good, high-quality flick with some neat ideas. A hell of a good time!
  • Rammbock: This chased the kids away (they’re allergic to sub-titles), but they missed out. This was good.
  • April Apocalypse: Some good acting covers the many, many (many) plotholes. And the narration, oh sweet Jesus so much narration!
  • Shaun of the Dead: Perfection. Absolute perfection.

Of course, as a nice bonus, we also enjoyed a great new episode of “The Walking Dead” to top off the evening.

Eat Lots of Good Food

Check! We ate way too much Platter’s Chocolate and, as we did last year, made Crafty Zombie Cupcakes. Dinner was ham, smooshed taters, fried corn and hot rolls. It crushed us completely… for about an hour, then we had chocolate pie.

Play Some Games

Check! We did some of our favorite, Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games, but also spent time with the simple, but addictive Roll For It by Calliope Games. Both of these are simple, portable and easy to play.

Spend Some Time with Those You Love

Check! This was a nice, easy year for us. The kids spent more time than not with us, but they are teenagers, so did ignore us enough to maintain appearances at least.

We hope that you had a great day with those you love and were able to fit in a little fun and games.  We also hope to see you back here in 2017 for the the eighth anniversary of Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters!

Over the past three years we’ve celebrated over 150 of our favorites zombies, once per week. Lately, however, it’s felt more like work than fun, so we’re stopping. The last thing we need right now is another thing that feels like work.

We’re proud of the collection we’ve created and it’s all available in the complete Zombie of the Week archive. You can still expect more zombies from us, movie and game reviews and, of course, our yearly Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters Easter celebration.

Fallout 4_20160108234820We’ve been playing Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 since its release on November 10th (you can follow our playthrough diary at our sister site, We celebrated its new, more aggressive ghouls a few days later on November 15th. But what about the many interesting ghouls that don’t want to immediately chew your face off? This series is for them!

[Minor spoilers below!]

As you’re wandering down by the Boston waterfront, you might find a weirdly unaccompanied child amongst the super-mutants and raiders. Although you can spot at least three things that would kill him instantly within 50 feet, he seems more worried about a “sea monster” that’s peeping at him from out in the bay. If you agree to go investigate, you’ll be surprised to find a 200 year-old Chinese submarine.

If you board the relic, you’ll be even more surprised to find another relic: the 200 year-old Captain Zao! Despite the fact that he, you know, was the one directly responsible for nuking your hometown, he’s really not that bad a guy. Why not give him a hand with some fetch quests?

This is the 152th Zombie of the Week; that’s nearly three years of zombies! We are desperately running out of ideas! Please contact us with suggestions!

Fallout 4_20151121191749We’ve been playing Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 since its release on November 10th (you can follow our playthrough diary at our sister site, We celebrated its new, more aggressive ghouls a few days later on November 15th. But what about the many interesting ghouls that don’t want to immediately chew your face off? This series is for them!

[Minor spoilers below!]

Kent is the key to our absolute favorite quest line in Fallout 4: The Silver Shroud! An eternal fan of the comic book hero, Kent spends his time in the Memory Den reliving old episodes of the ancient radio show. He’s so damn adorable! When he begs you to explore the local comics shop/TV studio and find memorabilia for him, you just gotta, right?

When you return with the costume (and the gun and some other goodies) he’s just so damn happy! The black trench coat and fedora. The pretty silver (but pretty damn useless) submachine gun. When he suggests that you wear that costume and go after bad guys – optionally delivering all of your dialog in the voice of the Shroud – you just gotta, right?

When the criminals get upset because you’re talking like a comic book character while shooting them in the face and kidnap him, he’s just so damn sad! With the torture and the pain and yelling. When you hear about it and get the option to run all the way to Medford and rescue him, you just gotta, right?

Kent’s great. We love Kent!

This is the 151th Zombie of the Week; that’s nearly three years of zombies! We are desperately running out of ideas! Please contact us with suggestions!