2013-12-01 16.59.52I hate those happy family car decals as much as any sane person, but my daughter wanted one. So, to stomach the addition, I searched for something a little different, a little snarky… a little dead. Enter and their oddly named “Funny Stick Figure Family ZOMBIES Decal”, available direct or (more cheaply) from for a very reasonable $4.50 (plus shipping), American.

The decals are cut from heavy, bright white vinyl and the quality bodes well for extended durability. The artwork is clear, detailed and easily recognizable from a good distance with the largest figure topping out at four-inches tall. There are also more color options available directly from FamilyGraphix website.

Application was simple enough but does take some care and nerves, especially with the detail on Mom and Sis’s hair. A detailed, illustrated instruction sheet is provided but this is still a one-shot, do-it-or-screw-it deal with no second chances. Like every single other set I’ve ever seen you’re stuck with what you get. My wife may be six-inches shorter than me, my son two inches taller and my dog smaller than my cat but not in zombie decal form. We also tossed out the baby. Stupid babies.

It’s a fun, inexpensive set with good instructions that came quickly exactly as advertised. It looks great applied. Highly recommended.

Michonne and Her Pets - 01My family recently went on vacation without me (long, but not a completely sad, story).  The good thing is, being guilty, they bought me lots of presents!  I already talked about most of my haul on but I also got some nifty zombie-related swag as well.

I’ve seen these Funko Vinyl Figures all over the place.  It seems like they’ve made deals with anybody that owns a character.  I didn’t actually realize that they had partnered with “The Walking Dead” but I suppose that since everybody else has it was just a matter of time.

After being introduced in the comic, Michonne quickly became a fan favorite (which also tended to make her a punching bag for author Robert Kirkman who loves to make us squirm).  Michonne is introduced as a hard, quiet survivor with a well-used katana and two, chained de-jawed “pet” zombies that act as camouflage protecting her from other walkers.  This combo pack of three figures recreates that iconic first appearance (later recreated wonderfully in the TV show by actress Danai Gurira).

(Also pictured is some zombie gum from BlueQ they brought me.  It’s just gum.  Expensive gum.  I’m not going to do a review of gum.)

The figures are nicely rendered and heavily detailed.  They have the same super-deformed heads and simplified facial features that are the trademark of the line (which I’ve always assumed was at least somewhat inspired by my good friend Sackboy).  I’m slightly disappointed that the figures lack actual chains but I’ll get over it.  These are not toys: there’s no moving parts or accessories.  These are purely set-and-forget display pieces.

I’m not sure what was paid for these (it was a gift!) but it looks like they sell for $25-$30 at the regular outlets.  This is more than I’d likely be willing to spend on myself but as a gift, I’m happy.  Obviously, if you’re not a fan of the super-deformed style then you should steer clear, but these are well done figures of an excellent character.  They’re cute enough to be an everyday display item, but still macabre enough to satisfy real zombie fans.

Woot, Zombie Survival Guide LunchboxWoot! is selling a couple of snazzy tin lunch boxes as part of its “Back 2 School” sale.  There are actually many designs to choose from although only two of them have the good taste to be zombie themed.  Pictured is the Zombie Survival Box and also available is the Warning: Please Do Not Feed the Zombies Box.

This is your average 7.75″ x 6.75″ x 4.13 tin lunchbox and, as far as I can tell, is just the plain box – no zombie sammich holder, no zombie Thermos and no zombie juice box caddy.  Each box is $8.00 (minus the usual penny sacrifice to the gods of psychological marketing).

ShirtWoot, Zombie NoodlesIn addition to a brand new zombie-themed shirt-of-the-day (pictured) Shirt.Woot has an entire collection of Zombie Shirts available all this week on Woot Plus!  Here’s a quick list of them with my unsolicited one-line reviews:

The shirts are all $15 bucks and from my past experience, decent quality for the price.  Go get one and show your Z-pride today!, our favorite purveyor of all things useless but absolutely required, is having a Zombie Apocalypse Clearance Event!  There’s no indication of when the sale (or civilization as we know it) ends so get while the getting is good.  Unfortunately this looks to be a general clearance sale rather than Zombie-specific merchandise but there are hundreds of items available.  Man does not not-live by brains alone, am I right?!

Available directly from Design Toscano and also from and

MSRP $99.95.

I’m 42 years-old, have a beautiful wife and children and my parents just gave me a life-sized zombie for my birthday.  Yeah, I’m doing pretty well.

This particular zombie is the “The Zombie of Montclaire Moors” garden sculpture by Design Toscano.  Molded in tough, but at only 13 pounds still relatively lightweight, resin this is truly life sized.  Although only the head and shoulders are modeled the entire sculpture is about 32 inches long and 8 inches tall.  I’m a big guy and the sculpture’s hands are actually a bit larger than mine.

The design speaks for itself in the pictures below.  It’s detailed and lifelike but not overly intricate which bodes well for its outdoor durability.  The color scheme is a simplistic but effective earthy wash which looks to be easy to clean (and, if need be, touch up).  Special mention has to be made of the eyes.  Paradoxically they’re almost too lifelike for a corpse: they’re clear and shiny with well-defined retinas and pupils and a nice depth to them.  They really sell the effect and are unsettling as hell when you catch sight of them unexpectedly.

The model ships in three pieces (the head-and-shoulders and the two arms).  The arms incorporate perfectly as the seams are cleverly hidden by the clothing.  The left-arm is higher than the right and fits snuggly into its socket while the right is lower and doesn’t connect firmly as there is isn’t a full circular socket.  The right-hand is raised several inches from the base and so either needs to be glued/epoxied into place or needs some kind of permanent support (we used a rock).

Installation is as complex as you’d like it to be.  You can just lie it wherever and it looks great or, for a more realistic effect, you can dig down a bit and really dress things up.  My only real concern is that, in my suburban neighborhood, I fear it won’t last very long without getting stolen as there’s no way to easily secure or anchor the piece for security.  It wouldn’t be hard to rig something of course, but we still ended up placing ours in a more secure, but less optimal spot to play it safe.

Of course saying that something is so freaking cool that you’re afraid it might be stolen isn’t much of a criticism yet it’s honestly the only one that I can raise.  I suppose, depending on where you live, there may be some issues with the neighbors but that’s nothing you can fault the piece for either.  The cost is a bit high for a novelty item but is perfectly reasonable for the quality and size of the piece (and since I got it as a gift, who cares?)  If you have the means and the space this absolutely one of the most impressive items available for the true zombie fan.

Shirt Woot, In Case of ZombiesApparently plants (well, some plants at least) can be arranged usefully to defend against zombies (well, some zombies at least).  They pummel, cut, incinerate, devour, freeze and grind them or so adorably.

For those of us that have spent many hours that we’ll never get back seeding our cartoon lawns with flora instruments of re-death offers us this reminder.

For those that have no idea what we’re talking about this shirt will simply confuse and possibly enrage them past all reason.  So basically this is a win-win situation.

More BEBE 2013Zombie Bowling, from Front Porch Classics, has been a big hit so far!  A classic, painted wooden bowling set with a perfectly executed zombie theme.  The pins are about five inches tall and the ball (painted as a “BOMB!”) is nice and weighty.  Everything is nice strong hardwood so you might not want to play on your good coffee table.

The game is a blast to play (if a little noisy, especially this early in the morning) and comes packed in a nice, solid canister perfect for traveling.

Archie McPhee, Brain Gelatin Mold You may be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few brain-molds available.  After using this one for more than ten years I can promise you: this is the best of the bunch.  Most of the other available options are simply downright flimsy.  They’ll tear, crumble and last maybe one or two times.  This one is solid, heavy plastic and will survive packing, moving and storage in the back of the cupboard.

Although “gelatin” is on the box this is more than strong enough to support whatever else you may want to toss at it.  Dough, chocolate, modeling clay, fudge – whatever.  It works well for ice and, if you’re so minded, sand castles.

It would be nice if they made a right-hemisphere as well – this is only available in a left (or “sinister”) model.  That’s a request, not a complaint however.  I also wish that I could find an “overhead” version that’s as well-constructed – half a brain is all you need most of the time, but sometimes only the whole thing really satisfies.

The Accoutrements Gelatin Brain Mold is available at Archie McPhee and  Highly recommended.