2 comments on “The Walking Dead: Show to Comics

    • Absolutely, issue 108 went on sale March 13th! The books are so popular now that they’re being carried at most bookstores/newsstands but it’s still best to go to right your local comic shop (http://www.comicshoplocator.com/).

      The comic tends to be rather terse with it’s scripts and often features large, dynamic single-page panels which tends to mean that the story moves a bit more slowly than the show. So while the comic has been running for over 10 years it’s only about two years (ish) further on than the show. (Although by the time the show reaches the current point in the comics it will likely have diverged almost entirely.)

      Due to the popularity the comic collections (cheaper trade paperbacks or gorgeous, but pricy hardcovers) regularly reprint the entire run of issues and are the easiest (and cheapest) way to get into the book. Currently there are 18 paperpack collections each collecting six issues. These are available at most libraries and bookstores on- and off-line (but patronize your local comic shop if possible).

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