2 comments on “Random Thoughts on The Walking Dead, “This Sorrowful Life”

  1. Ha, I’d forgotten about the whole car alarm bit — I thought the same thing: that POS has a car alarm? Who does that? Then again, it did seem to have a badass stereo so maybe that was the reason. Thinking the show is starting to slip, they need to get back on track and follow the comic’s lead instead of wandering off on their own — it’s starting to feel like a Walking Dead rip-off show some other network would do instead of the real deal.

    • You know – it DID have a badass stereo! So why not just have that badass stereo start blasting when Merle’s screwing with the wiring instead of the weirdly out of place car alarm? The scene would have progressed exactly the same except without the dumbass car alarm.

      I still love the show – but this was a lazy scene, I think.

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