4 comments on “Random Thoughts on The Walking Dead, “Alone”

  1. Good stuff.
    I’m thinking this seasons a little slowish
    Because, let’s face it, once a series gives you the season 2 the series gave us with the farm, the barn and Shane…then the governor, the jail house standoff and subsequent and fantastic season closer with the mowing down of hundreds of zombies ..everything seems Slow now.

    It’s all about this refuge they are all going to now. Let’s see where it goes.

    Great piece.

    • I know I’m in a minority – but I LOVE the slow character building stuff. I’m the guy that always argues the “Deep Space Nine” was the best Trek and prefers scenes with Clark Kent over those with Superman.

      That said a little excitement never hurt nobody either. :^)

      • Agreed. Don’t get me wrong I love the character building slow dramatic stuff I actually prefer it

        My understanding is that because they’ve surpassed the story in the graphic novels, they are now writing and inventing the storyline on their own and this is very obvious to me

        What I’m afraid of is that they didn’t have enough material to make a full 8 episodes,
        but they had to go back on the air in February,
        so they gave us eight episodes of filler while they develop the story arc.

        But hey
        Either way

        Carols back
        And it’s the walking dead, I’ll be tuned in as long as they are on the air.

  2. Good episode, but like you mentioned with Daryl opening the door and not being careful about it, there were a lot of contrivances the writers, I feel, just expected viewers to go along with, like Maggie being fine in plain sight among walkers. I mean, Rick and Glenn had to be covered in walker guts just to walk through and even that was a risk. Maggie just being there, exposed, was a real stretch. I also enjoyed Bob’s intro. How it went on without any dialogue for awhile was reminiscent of “Still” with Beth and Daryl hiding in the car trunk while walkers passed them by.

    Seeing as the second half of the season seems to be pushing the main characters toward “Terminus,” my hope is that we’ll probably return to Rick, Carl and Michonne or Tyrese and Carol’s group next week. Plus, Carol does still know something that Tyrese doesn’t. That should make for an interesting conversation…

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