BEBE 2015

BEBE2015, BasketsThe baskets were light this year, but the kids are taller than us: the only reason they’re getting baskets at all is because my lovely bride is a creature of habit. We, of course, ordered some Platter’s Chocolate. It’s hands down the best ever and as long as we can afford it, we’re having it shipped in. Still no zombies from Platter’s, but we’ve got fingers crossed for next year.

Tucked in the corners were some of their favorite candy and a few other goodies. Steve Jackson Games were well represented with the third expansion for Zombie Dice and a couple of expansion packs for the amazingly fun Munchkin Zombies.  Greg Stone’s zombie books, Zombies Hate Stuff and Zombies Have Issues and some cool zombie T-shirts from Mountain rounded things out.

Sure, you may call this a bribe to guilt two sullen teenagers into spending some time with the rest of their family but… well, you’d be exactly right.

BEBE Logo_TransToBlackWe’re kicking off Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters 2015 (tag: BEBE 2015)!  As usual, we got a late start, but that’s one of the benefits – maybe the only one? – of creating your own holiday: you decide when it starts. In our case that’s promptly at “whenever the hell we like.”

Although our kids are too old for Easter baskets, our kids get Easter baskets and we’ll have more on that later. It’s just one of the manifold ways in which they are spoiled terribly rotten. As usual when they are unreasonably forced to spend more than 15 minutes with the rest of the family they are sullen and grumpy. Teenagers.

We’re starting off with a movie that I’ve heard good things about: “Dead Season“. Apparently it tries some new things with the genre and that’s always a plus. We’ve got a few others selected and, as always, will be making way too much to eat. We’ll be posting activities and mini-reviews throughout the day.  We”ll do full-length reviews of everything in the coming weeks, but for today, posts will be short so we can get back to the fun.

BEBE Logo_TransToBlackThe sixth year of Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters, BEBE 2015 is only seven days away!

This will be a nice, quiet relaxing year for us. We don’t have anything significant planned and are just planning on enjoying a lazy day of over-eating, watching some movies and playing a game or two.

If you have any move or game suggestions for us, or are doing your own zombie stuff, let us know!