John, over at Many a True Nerd, is our very favorite Let’s Player, and for his regular “Why Not Wednesday?” feature, he’s playing 2011’s zombie stomper “Dead Island”. He’s mature without being immature and his upbeat positivity is absolutely infectious!

If you like what you see, and we think you will, you should definitely check out any of his epic “Fallout” runs!

Sonya Belousova’s channel, Player Piano, offers up amazingly deft original arrangements of popular geek anthems. This time she (and violinist Eriko Tsuji) bring us Bear McCreary’s “The Walking Dead Theme” (directed by Tom Grey).

As you’ll obviously want more, may we also suggest her adaption of the Tetris Theme and, our favorite, AKIRA (Kaneda’s Theme).

Human Rights, Zombie Equal Sign

Some time ago we wrote:

We have a simple rule here at MoreBrains: “If it wouldn’t matter when you’re huddled together in the corner of a tool shed gripping a bloody crowbar and hoping that the newly risen dead don’t hear you then it’s probably not worth getting too excited over.”  In that situation it just doesn’t matter if the guy holding the chainsaw is married to the guy frantically constructing Molotov cocktails.  You’d have bigger problems then and we have bigger problems now.

If you can find love in this crazy, mixed-up world before you’re disemboweled and torn to pieces by formerly-living neighbors then we say follow your bliss: marry whom you like.  Remember that matching Katanas make excellent wedding gifts!

We are now happy to report that the Supreme Court of the United States has, in a 5-4 ruling, declared marriage between consenting adults a civil right that cannot be infringed upon. It’s about time people.

Following up on our recent post, Cornell Tells us How Screwed we Are, the same team has made their simulation, Zombie Town, USA, available for everybody to play with.


Just a day since an outbreak in New York City brings zombies to the U.S.A.

The tool, created by Alexander A. Alemi and Matthew Bierbaum (based on paper they wrote with Christopher R. Myers and James P. Sethna) allows you set a “Kill to Bite Ratio” and the time it would take a zombie to shamble one mile. You can then set a starting point and see a graphical view of how fast the zombie virus might spread.

Currently the tool seems rather simplistic, showing only a regular geographic progression. Variables like highways and other transportation arteries aren’t represented and would likely, we think, speed the infection even more between urban centers. However, taken as a best-case scenario of the worst case scenario the tool is still pretty damn mesmerizing.

As reported by the amazing in “Mathematicians Work Out Zombie Apocalypse Plan“, graduate students at Cornell have taken to using (they say) fictitious parameters based on zombie outbreaks to model epidemiological forecasts of transmission and control. Not only is the team applying significant scientific rigor to the experiment, they’re also performing their simulations on a huge scale: like the entirety of the United States and all of it’s 300 million people.


Just a day since an outbreak in New York City brings zombies to the U.S.A.

Alex Alemi, a Ph.D. physics student has led the work and his news is mixed but generally, as you might expect, not good. Hollywood, it seems, has the basics but misses, as it often does, in the details. In traditional circumstances, it seems like cities would become overrun quickly along well-established transportation routes. However rural areas could stay infection free for weeks or even months. Truly isolated areas are even more secure and, it turns out, the safest place in the U.S. would appear to be the northern rocky mountains.

Obviously Alemi claims that his work isn’t targetted at actual zombie outbreaks. We choose to believe him, for now. Instead, effort is to test existing and modified modeling techniques to improve their quality.

On Saturday, Oct 4 the hour-long (8pm EST) Phineas and Ferb Halloween special, “Night of the Living Pharmacists”, will have Doof-zombies. Lots and lots of Doof-zombies. It will also have what looks to be an amazing double cameo from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

That’s pretty freakin’ amazingly cool. Don’t think we spoiled everything tho’, apparently George Romero will also be making a cameo as a reporter. See you this Saturday!