BEBE 2013

Zombie Magnetic Poetry KitMore BEBE 2013!  The fourth selection, Zombie Diaries 2, wasn’t too bad.  Like most “found-footage” films it had a tendency to collapse under its own weight after a while.  Nobody in their right mind would continue to film during that and just how long do those batteries last?!  We also knocked a fifth movie off, War of the Dead.  It was fair but muddled as hell.  A fusion of classic World War II and action zombie movies set on the Finnish/Russian border in 1939 it, too, kind of crushed itself under its own seriousness.

Other than that we’ve been doing some zombie poetry using the Zombie Magnetic Poetry kit.  My Daughter especially has been enamored with this even if she currently lacks the attention span to do anything more than a few lines.

OK, so none of those are masterpieces.  She’s still plugging away!

Amazon, Zombie Kid DiariesMore BEBE 2013!  The third movie, Osombie, was kind of a dud.  In many ways it was actually better than you might think but by trying to be completely serious it ended up being pretty dreadfully dull.  We’ve just started our fourth selection, Zombie Diaries 2.  It’s a straight-up horror movie in the found-footage genre and we’re cautiously hopeful.

Completely unrelated to the movie we picked up the book, Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead, for my son.  He’s getting a little old for them but the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books have been a favorite of his for years so we figured, why not?  He’s been thumbing through it for a while so that’s a good sign at least.

Planning to break things up for a while after this movie and look into getting dinner started, call some family and maybe get a game or two going.

Boiled Eggs!More BEBE 2013!  Our second movie, A Little Bit Zombie, was a blast (even if it did fizzle out at the end).  Great cast, clever ideas and actual humor.  Recommended!  I really doubt that our next one, Osombie, will match it.  The tag is “Bin Laden will Die… Again!”  Looks like Osama comes back from being buried at sea and tries to create a terrorist army of zombies.  Wish us luck with this one, sounds like we’ll need it!

BEBE isn’t BEBE without the first “BE” so we also died some eggs.  We tried using a contraption, Dudley’s Spin an Egg, but it was… questionably successful.  The damn thing is hard to spin up right and it’s really hard to get the lid on (and you take the lid off a lot).  But once we gave up and just dumped all the dye in we got some really gross looking eggs so it kinda, sorta works?  Maybe?

The dye they provide also seems to have a really long dry-time.  Everything is still sticky and dripping.  So while we’ll probably never bother with this again we can say that is really cheap.  So if you like what you see (or are more willing to do things right) you might get some joy out of it.

Platters ChocolateMore BEBE 2013!  Just finished Resident Evil.  It was fun as always and nobody plays a better Michelle Rodriguez than Michelle Rodriguez.  We’re moving to something lighter now that we haven’t seen, A Little Bit Zombie.  The tag is “Being dead is easy, it’s getting married that’s the real killer” and apparently it’s about a guy that’s trying to hide his recent zombification from his terrifyingly organized bride-to-be.  It also has Kristen Hager (currently on the US version of “Being Human”) so that’s hopefully a plus!

On the chocolate front we have a lot of the regular available-anyplace-for-a-dollar fare but we also ordered lots of Platter’s Chocolate.  I think most towns have a local chocolate shop that the people there think is the best one in the world.  Well, they’re all wrong because this one is.  Famous for their Sponge Candy and Orange Chocolate.

We’re so sure that Platter’s is the best chocolate in the world we’ll even make you a guarantee: if you order from them and don’t agree just send us the remainder of your order and we’ll eat it for you!  That’s how sure we are of this.

More BEBE 2013Zombie Bowling, from Front Porch Classics, has been a big hit so far!  A classic, painted wooden bowling set with a perfectly executed zombie theme.  The pins are about five inches tall and the ball (painted as a “BOMB!”) is nice and weighty.  Everything is nice strong hardwood so you might not want to play on your good coffee table.

The game is a blast to play (if a little noisy, especially this early in the morning) and comes packed in a nice, solid canister perfect for traveling.

BEBE 2013 BasketWe’re kicking off Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters 2013 (tag: BEBE 2013)!  We’re still in that perfectly appropriate shambling, groaning grumpy morning phase of the day right now.

The kids are looking through their baskets.  With a late addition by grandma they got quite the haul.  The girl is enamored with the Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit and the boy is sitting in the corner of the couch grunting (teenagers).

As everybody is still pretty groggy and going through their morning grumps we’re starting the movie marathon with something we’ve seen before, Resident Evil.  Not only is a damn fine zombie movie it’s also one of the better video game movies.

We’ll be posting activities and mini-reviews throughout the day.  (We’re going to be full-length reviews of everything in the coming weeks but for today posts will be short and pithy.)

Crafty Zombie CookiesAs we approach Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters 2013 we’ll be presenting some fun (and delicious) ways to celebrate.  First up is a simple, cheap activity that’s fun for any kids you might have lying around.  In our case we dug up a couple of 10-year old girls to assist.

Materials for this include:

  • Some cookies to bake.  Any kind will do.  We just used pre-made, store bought sugar cookie dough.
  • Some green icing.  Get quite a bit as this will be your backdrop.
  • A bunch of cake decorating gel.  The kind you use to write “Happy Birthday” on cakes.  Only in this case you’ll be drawing blood, brains, bile and rotten teeth.
  • Assorted candies for decoration.  We used Spree here; but M&M’s are good too.  Wonka Nerds give a nice texture and crumbled Reese’s Cups make a fine faux grave dirt.  Buy extra: there will likely be some consumption during the build process.
  • Some space and some patience – this will get messy!

First bake your cookies.  If you like (we didn’t) you can mix some green food coloring into the dough for that extra bit of ghoulie.  Let them cool.  Ice them with the green icing and let that dry.  Lay the cookies and materials out on sheets of wax paper.

Now let the shorties loose!  Encourage them to be creative but remember the theme: no bunnies or smiley faces.  These are shambling, brain-hungry animated corpses!  Candy can make for a nice exposed eye-socket.  Blood should be drippy and plentiful (and tasty).  The odd premature bite can also be useful to expose brain-filled cranium.  Give them as long as they like – there’s no rush.  Once they get done (or bored) set the cookies aside to dry for a bit; they should be nice and ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.

Then eat them.  Before they eat you.